September/October Practice Rule

Updated Friday September 9, 2016 by Erica Kaswell.

September/October Practice Policy


Once we reach the end of August our game season begins. Our practices typically go down to 3 nights for our non-instructional levels. Practice schedules are at the discretion of each team’s head coach for ALL teams and are communicated to the players and their families by the coaching staff.

It is extremely important that all players attend practice each week. It is understood that children get sick or other important events might take place on a practice night. It is our policy that if a player is not going to attend a practice, it is the responsibility of the parents or player to communicate this to the head coach prior to the start of practice. Football is a team sport that relies heavily on each and every component of the team. 

During practice hours, plays are being taught and practiced to ensure proper safety on game days. If a player is not at practice regularly, they put themselves and their teammate’s safety at risk. For this reason, any player that misses 2 or more practices in a game week will not be able to participate in game that weekend. Players are able to attend the game, be on the sidelines and cheer their team on. However, they will not be permitted to wear any equipment if told they are ineligible to participate.

Occasionally, a head coach might make an exception if there are extenuating circumstances. Please speak to your head coach about safety risks and whether or not an exception can or should be made.

Natick Youth Football & Cheer will always put a player’s safety first. We want every child to have a great experience in our program and it all starts with safety.