Tackle Football

Welcome to Natick Youth Football, where young athletes thrive in a supportive and competitive environment. Our program offers flag football for Kindergarten through 2nd grade, and tackle football for grades 3-8. Practices begin in early August, intensifying to four nights a week, then tapering to 2-3 nights post-Labor Day.

The program runs out of the Natick High School turf field, and the practice field behind it. Our home games are played on the turf provide an exciting atmosphere for players and fans alike. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, kids learn the fundamentals of football safely, fostering teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.



Youth Cheer K-8

Welcome to Natick Youth Football and Cheer, where our cheerleading program shines bright with talent and teamwork. Practices kick off in August at the practice fields behind the Natick High football stadium.  After Labor Day, the cheer teams continue to practice, but also perform during football games on weekends.

At Natick Youth Football and Cheer, safety and skill development take center stage. Our cheerleaders learn solid teamwork and cheer techniques under the guidance of knowledgeable coaches.

Beyond the field, they also showcase their skills in regional and national competitions, supported by experienced and dedicated instructors.


COACHING Wealth Of Knowled Football Strategy

At Natick Youth Football, our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge in football strategy, technique, and fundamentals to each practice and game. Through their expertise and guidance, they instill a love for the game while teaching essential skills and fostering teamwork. Committed to the development and success of every child, our coaches are mentors and role models, shaping the future of our young athletes.

During the off-season, our coaches are also certified in safety techniques for tackle football, including proper tackling and blocking skills. They prioritize the well-being of our young athletes on and off the field to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all players.


The program emphasizes safety and wellness for all teams and players through a variety of specific training and instruction.

Coaching Youth Football the AYF Way 3rd Edition Course

NFHS Learning Center Certification for Football Tackling

CORI background checks

First Aid and CPR Training

All games have certified athletic trainers in attendance. The entire program works diligently to minimize injuries and to ensure a fun and healthy environment at all times.